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Adult Magic

My award-winning magical entertainment will help make your event great fun and uniquely memorable. (see Client Reviews)I am a five time winner of the "DC Magician of the Year" award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, DC Ring 50. I specialize in funny, sophisticated entertainment for adult audiences, and offer you the perfect answer for your next event.  My services include both close-up strolling magic and platform/stand-up magic, suitable for a variety of events including:

  • Corporate, such as receptions, banquets, hospitality suites, office parties, sales meetings, store openings and company picnics
  • Social and other functions, including private parties, wedding receptions, bar/bat mitzvahs, picnics, holiday parties, fundraisers, and restaurants

Close-up strolling magic
No particular seating or performance area is required for this style of magic. I circulate among your guests wherever they may be gathered, whether seated or standing, and spend a few minutes performing up close for each group using small objects I carry on my person, such as cards, coins, bills, etc.

Platform/Stand-up magic
Stand-up magic involves my performing in front of your entire group of guests gathered in one place.  The performance usually runs from 30 to 45 minutes and works equally well with small and large groups. Small groups may gather in a living room, for example, and large groups in a ballroom with banquet-style seating, or an auditorium, with theatre-style seating.

Both my close-up and stand-up magic feature lots of audience participation and comedy, in addition to mystery, and will leave your guests at once laughing and gasping with astonishment.

To learn more or book a performance now, call me at 301-572-7743 or email me at noland@nolandsmagic.com

Magician Noland Montgomery
Noland's Magic
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Noland Montgomery

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